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Lawsuit against Curt Schilling and 38 Studios allowed to proceed


According to a report in the Boston Globe, a Rhode Island judge has ruled that the state's lawsuit against baseball star Curt Schilling and his merry band of 38 Studios execs will continue, in spite of the defense's movement to dismiss the case outright.

The suit, which began in May, was filed by Rhode Island's economic development agency, which alleges that 38 Studios' representatives knew the studio was financially unsound and effectively defrauded the state when it accepted its $75 million state loan three years ago. The studio was working on MMO Project Copernicus before it imploded and defaulted on that loan. Schilling has rejected those accusations and previously called Governor Lincoln Chafee a "dunce of epic proportions" in a daring bout of real-world smacktalk.

So what's in it for Rhode Island? Aside from saving face, nothing much, just the reclamation of a cool $75 million in bonds it doesn't want to absorb plus triple in damages from Schilling and other executives. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, Rhode Island; the judge did rule that RI can't sue for the whole package just yet.

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