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Monster Loves You on iOS and Android this October


Monster Loves You, Dejobaan Games' ferociously charming adventure game, will arrive on iOS and Android this fall. The game launched on Steam in March, and is available for $9.99.

Dejobaan told Joystiq at PAX Prime that the studio is aiming for an October 10 release date for the mobile version of Monster Loves You.

Describing how the game evolved on PC, Dejobaan Games' Ichiro Lambe said that the month Monster Loves You launched on Steam, it underwent changes from being a "life simulator" to a choose-your-adventure game, cutting a number of the game's elements out entirely. Choices made by players in the game affect different personality traits, from kindness to honesty, shaping the arc of the game's story, which Lambe said is a carry-over from its original life simulation ambitions.

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