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Watch Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe talk about their roles in Beyond: Two Souls


We've played bits of Beyond: Two Souls, had some mixed views views on it, talked with Quantic Dream's David Cage about multiplayer and how Jodi can die, but it's arguably two Hollywood actors that get closest to selling me on the PS3 game. Actors are good at that.

Willem Dafoe, who plays scientist Nathan Dawkins, and Ellen Page, starring as Jodi, do an excellent job of talking up Beyond here. As do the game clips, to be fair, switching from Jodi's childhood to her teen and adult years, giving glimpses of how the young hero copes with the presence of supernatural companion Aiden. Beyond spans Jodi's life between the ages of 8 and 23, and like Heavy Rain player choices will guide how that life progresses.

Beyond: Two Souls will be one of the last major PS3 games out before the PS4's launch in November, arriving for the current-gen console on October 8 in North America.

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