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Octopus City Blues is funded, looks totally weird

Now that Ghost in a Bottle's Octopus City Blues has reached its funding goal of $7,000 on Kickstarter, we can focus on the game's non-linear, adventure-oriented premise. Protagonist Kaf Kafkaryan lives in a city built around a giant octopus and discovers a conspiracy theory as he tries to learn more about his surroundings in order to assist the individuals within his dreams. Sounds... mundane.

Octopus City Blues' KickStarter page states that the city's darker secrets will play out in a non-linear story with consequences to choices and "several ways to complete each quest." Gameplay progresses through Kaf's learned abilities, such as a spin dash, interpretive dance and dumpster diving. Kaf will explore more than just the cityscape, however – players will navigate Kaf's dreams, unsettling creatures and all. It also boasts "authentic Octopus City simulation," so please put your authenticity concerns to rest.

Although the pledge goal related to the game's official launch notes a release date of 2013, Ghost In A Bottle has clarified that the finished game is estimated for December 2014. Those that pledge $15 or more will gain access to the game's demo and beta testing forum. Octopus City Blues is planned to launch on Mac, Windows and Linux.

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