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Target's Ticket video on-demand service launching soon


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If you can't get enough digital video storefronts, there's one more on the way -- Target's Ticket service. The video on-demand service has been in closed beta for awhile now, and, according to TechCrunch, employees have been told that it will be launching to the public soon. Prices vary by program, but TV episodes cost around $2.99, or as much as $34.99 per season. Movies sell for about $15, give or take a few bucks, and rentals are $3.99 and $4.99, which closely matches the prices of Google Play, Amazon and iTunes. The use model is familiar too, granting users 30 days to activate a rental and 48 hours to watch after pressing play the first time.

The service is only available for the company's employees and REDcard holders at the moment, but Target hopes to open access to more customers soon. Apps for Android, iOS, smart TVs and game consoles are in testing too, so you should be able to watch virtually anywhere. The retail giant is offering a few flicks for purchase ahead of home video too, so if you're impatient, yet somehow missed Star Trek: Into Darkness in the theater, now is the time to buddy up to a redshirt.

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