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Around Azeroth: Race to the bottom


"Spectacular Death (US-A) held their second annual Terrapin 500 on Saturday, August 24th," writes guild leader Gimmlette. "This race involves the Sea Turtle mount only, not the Dragon Turtles you can buy. The race consists of two parts. The first one is in Ironforge and the second one is in Dalaran. You must race five laps around each place. Winners are announced after every race and you get extra gold if you come in costume."

"Barlafumble took this photo of racers (left to right) Janarr, Gimmlette, Hepcats, Mtwohb, Pinkel and Bearnun racing through Dalaran. (WarriorJoe was way behind, having missed the starting gun.) When you can run faster than these mounts, is it really a race? Last year, when we did this for the first time, there were no people in either location. It was strictly guild members doing the cheering. This year, with CRZ in both locations, not only did we have spectators, we had other people hop on their turtles and ride with us. That made a fun event even more fun. The best part were the 'What the heck is going on?' comments, which were followed by, 'It's Spectacular Death. They always do something different.' See you all next year."

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