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Breakfast Topic: Are you in your original guild?


Over the recent American holiday I spent some time talking to my brother about WoW. He's picking it up again after being absent from it for most of Mists. He's enjoying the game, kicking some butt on his Rogue, and generally having a good time. But the guild he's in?

It's the same one he's been in for the last six years. That's longer than he's been dating his girlfriend. He's in his early twenties now, and he's been in that guild during his teenage years. And while the group is full of great peeps (I was once a member, before The Dramas happened), I realized that I was kinda surprised he never moved to a different group; or that the guild itself changed so much (as they are often wont to do) that he no longer felt at home.

So this brings me to my question today -- are you in the original guild you started the game with? If you are, or are not, how long have you been in it? For me I've found a great group in the past two-odd years with that I've stuck with, even though I'm not raiding right now a ton. I don't know if I could ever see myself in the same guild for a long time. But I'm guessing there's gotta be a few people that have been in the same one for eight years or more ... or are there not?

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