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DICE+ digital gaming dice for iOS now shipping


Polish developer Game Technologies has announced that its Bluetooth die DICE+ is now shipping. The six-sided Bluetooth die has an LED on each side and a built-in accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer, which allows it not only to be used as a digital die, but also as a motion controller. Using DICE+, gamers can play a number of social games on their iPad or Android tablet.

The makers of Dice+ are positioning the device as a communal gaming experience, much like the family board games we all grew up with. However, instead of being a piece of cardboard, those boardgames now live on our tablet's touchscreen.

For now, DICE+ only supports seven games -- mostly strategy and turn-based multiplayer games -- but the company plans to roll out an SDK soon so other game makers can easily integrate support for the device. DICE+ is shipping today for US$39.99. You can purchase it from the company's web store.

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