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Wargaming partners with Nexon for prepaid card options

Shawn Schuster

Wargaming has announced a new partnership with Nexon America for the use of Karma Koins as a prepaid card solution for all in-game purchases across Wargaming titles, including World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and the upcoming World of Warships.

Not only is Karma Koin available at 75,000 stores in North America and Oceania, but one percent of all sales go directly to charity. "We're committed to providing our players with as many flexible and safe payment options as possible," said Mike Turner, Vice President of Business Development at Wargaming. "Our new partnership with Nexon America and Karma Koin will address that desire, and we're excited to give our players a new and philanthropic payment option to enhance their in-game experience."

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