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Apple posts job listings for iAd team positions in advance of iTunes Radio


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With the impending release of iTunes Radio, Apple is preparing for its entry into the world of streaming music by expanding its iAd division. Apple currently has three positions open on their official jobs board for the iAd division, all in the design field.

And those are just the jobs on their official job board. As reported by Ad Age earlier today, Apple has posted a plethora of openings on LinkedIn, looking for professionals in a wide range of fields. Business analysts, producers, build and release engineers, program managers, creative design managers and account coordinators are all being sought in the 31 current job listings for iAd Apple over at LinkedIn.

Apple has already lined up some major advertisers for the iTunes Radio launch, including McDonald's, Pepsi, Nissan and Proctor & Gamble. With a minimum buy-in of around US$1 million for each advertiser, the company has a lot riding on making sure its advertising is exactly what it needs to be.

Head over to the jobs board or LinkedIn for the openings that are currently available.

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