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Crowdfund Bookie August 2013: Extreme samples


The Crowdfund Bookie crunches data from select successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that ended during the week and produces pretty charts for you to look at.

Crowdfunding is full of extreme samples. For every handful of projects that earn a few thousand dollars, games like Hex, Massive Chalice and Torment: Tides of Numenera count their earnings in the millions. These games are rare, and not only can they color our perception of crowdfunding, but can also have a major impact on the numbers behind it. Last month's data compiled for successfully-funded projects says as much.

August's 29 successful projects raised $2,976,550, but after taking away the month's biggest earner in turn-based strategy game Warmachine: Tactics, the other 28 projects that ended during the month hauled in just $1,397,600. Warmachine: Tactics received $1,028,950 over its funding goal as well. While the month's total amount raised is 53.19 percent over the projects' combined goals, the rate is just 39.66 percent without the top earner. Additionally, the month's average pledge per person drops from $46.57 to $31.70 without Warmachine.

Warmachine: Tactics was the only strategy game that was successfully funded among the group in August. While July saw a boost in RPGs, with 11 games in the genre getting funded, August had 12 successful adventure game projects, the most of any genre. Adventure games earned a total of $286,098 thanks to 10,425 people. By comparison, the two shooters funded during the month earned $508,767 from 13,926 backers.

While there's no way to discern whether the release of popular retail games like Saints Row 4 or funders' tendency to gravitate to a few extreme samples such as Warmachine had a bigger an impact on crowdfunding for the month, the latter seems pretty clear in August's data. You'll find the month's breakdown by genre after the break, as well as a list of August's top five projects.

Action: $114,373 (107.33%) by 4,145 people ($27.59 mean average)
Adventure: $286,098 (146.67%) by 10,425 people ($27.44 mean average)
Fighting: $118,243 (173.89%) by 3,585 people ($32.98 mean average)
Platformer: $125,978 (104.98%) by 2,936 people ($42.91 mean average)
Puzzle: $6,110 (101.83%) by 114 people ($53.60 mean average)
RPG: $65,387 (126.33%) by 1,806 people ($36.21 mean average)
Shooter: $508,767 (253.12%) by 13,926 people ($36.53 mean average)
Simulation: $172,644 (181.73%) by 7,153 people ($24.14 mean average)
Strategy: $1,578,950 (287.08%) by 19,829 people ($79.63 mean average)

  1. Warmachine: Tactics by Privateer Press - $1,578,950
  2. 7 Days to Die by The Fun Pimps - $507,612
  3. Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm by Nyu Media - $118,243
  4. Chroma Squad by Saulo Camarotti - $97,148
  5. Monochroma by Nowhere Studios - $84,644

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