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Full Bore: The First Dig unearths a release date of Sept. 10


Full Bore: The First Dig launches for PC and Linux on September 10 for those who pre-order the full game, which is currently discounted to $8. The First Dig is the completed first half of Full Bore, the block puzzler and exploration title from indie studio Whole Hog Games. There's an obvious theme going on here, but we'll spell it out in case you missed it: Holism.

OK, and boars. Mostly boars.

In December, we asked Whole Hog co-founder Jake Federico the one question on everyone's mind: Why boars?

"Full Bore was conceived in reverse," he said. "We started with the name of our studio, Whole Hog Games, and jokingly thought that Full Bore would make a great title for a game about, naturally, boars that bore. The three of us kept talking about this world of digging boars underground, fell in love with the concept, and decided Full Bore was the game we should be making."

Full Bore is due out in full this year, and it's itching (and snorting and kicking) for a spot on Steam Greenlight.

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