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Looking at Samsung Note 3 with Apple-centric eyes


There's a lot to like about the Galaxy Note 3. The new phablet's got a screen the size of a baby dolphin. It offers several interaction and multitasking innovations -- I particularly like the circle-to-copy and the pull-up calculator.

Its fine-grained, stylus-based input gives users a lot more control than they get using touch. It's even got multi-unit screen-expanding built in, which is cool -- even if I imagine the chances of people using this feature in real life are quite low.

In many ways, this new unit seems more like the descendant of the Palm than the iPhone, with a focus on a paper metaphor with stylus-based entry. I suspect that a lot of serious users whose workday used to focus on the Blackberry with its fine text-entry control will welcome this device.

Samsung has thrown down a business user's phone, daring Apple to pick up that gauntlet at its event next week. While I'm not enamored by the beauty of the interface or the overall intuitive simplicity, it has smartly targeted its market -- users getting work done on the go.

Hop over to Engadget for more details and a device walkthrough.

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