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TUAW TV Live: Samsung snarkery episode


As I write this in the early afternoon (ET) of September 4, 2013, Samsung's big event is occurring, complete with orchestra on stage, satellite link to Times Square and the new Galaxy Note 3. Doc and I will take a few minutes to dissect today's announcements from Apple's biggest competitor, and then talk about next week's big event -- the Apple announcement on September 10 at which the next-generation iPhone is expected to be rolled out. Sure, Samsung's upstaged the kids from Cupertino with Galaxy Gear, but perhaps we'll see something new and exciting and won't have to put up with an annoying host wearing the ugliest glasses on the planet.

To join in to watch the live feed and participate in the chat, just click here or click that image you see at the top of this post. You'll join us on the AOL On Network. If you can't watch the entire show today, come back to this page within 24 hours to see the video below or visit to see the latest show. Past shows are also available on the TUAW YouTube channel.

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