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Unpaid intern sues Sony, gets paid


Sony has opted to settle a suit brought against it by former intern Chris Jarvis for £4,600 ($7,189.34), reports The Independent.

In 2012, Jarvis was hired by Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge (now known as Guerrilla Cambridge, developers of Killzone: Mercenary) to act as an unpaid intern. Instead of typical intern duties, he was asked to work from 9:30AM to 6:00PM for three months as a tester on the studio's in-production games, claimed Jarvis. When he approached his bosses to ask for typical tester's wages he was instead told that his intern status effectively made him a volunteer employee, and was thus not due compensation.

Jarvis reported Sony to the British customs authority and the case was scheduled to be heard in front of a tribunal. Instead of court, Sony opted to settle, awarding the former intern £4,600 - £1,000 more than Jarvis was seeking.

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