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WoW Moviewatch: Patch 5.4 Teaser

The Timeless Isle is more than just the setting of a new patch; it's pretty much a work of art. Martiean captured that feeling with this new teaser trailer. It's interesting how Blizzard's team can produce such inspiring moments inside the game. Check out Martiean's story of inspiration:

While getting footage on the PTR for my upcoming rares guide on the Timeless Isle I was struck by some of the beautiful landscape shots I was getting as well as all the constant action going on around me. You cannot go very far on that Island without finding something to do. With that in mind, I could see a framework for a teaser in my mind and even knew exactly what piece of music would serve this very well. With that this teaser idea was born and I pretty much was able to create what I wanted. A few compromises here and there with what was available and due to time constraints but, this was the video I thought of that day.

So, whlie this trailer is obviously unofficial, I find Martiean's testimony a powerful nod to Blizzard's creative power. Take some time and check it out for yourself.
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