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Xbox One gets a CPU boost, launch date announcement due 'shortly' [update: Nov. 22]


Microsoft revealed the Xbox One has 1.75 GHz of central processing unit power rather than the expected 1.6 GHz, the second time its core specs have been upped in the space of a month. Xbox CVP of Marketing and Strategy Yusef Mehdi told the audience at the Citi Global Technology Conference that the Xbox One has entered "full production", but with a timely boost to its CPU performance. The next-gen system's graphics processing unit got a similar boost in August, up to 853 MHz from 800 MHz.

Mehdi noted the Xbox One is "on track" for its projected November release window, adding his company will "announce a launch date shortly." Grain of salt time: That reveal may even come today, if some UK retailers are to be believed. Some Twitter accounts tied to UK outlet ShopTo and stores for high street chain GAME, including the latter's dedicated Xbox store in London, said this morning a launch date announcement is due later today.

When approached, a Microsoft spokesperson told Joystiq, "We have nothing to announce at this time." For now, the Xbox One is due sometime in November, priced $500.

Update: Sure enough, the date is in: November 22.

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