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Breakfast Topic: What's the nicest thing a stranger has done for you in game?


You told us you loved it, and Random Acts of Uberness is back to brighten your day with a little ray of sunshine from deep within Azeroth. In Random Acts, readers get the chance to share kudos and shout-outs about players who've made their day in game extra special. While it's basically impossible not to bear a mushy smile while compiling your emails, I'm always most struck by tales of kindness from a passing stranger –- the dude who slipped you 5,000 gold along with the bags you'd been hunting for at a discount, or the paladin who saved your squishy behind when you attracted too many adds during what you thought was a trivial daily. (How embarrassing -– and what a relief.)

Let's consider this Breakfast Topic a special all-time edition of Random Acts of Uberness. No need to remember the name of the player who helped you or even when and where your story took place -- go ahead and flip on the Way, Way Back Machine. Dig through your mental stacks for your best tale of kindness from a passing stranger. Let's do limit the discussion to tales of random encounters; no kudos for players you already knew. What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you in game? Tell us about your all-time most memorable Random Act of Uberness.

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