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Five apps that landed politicians in hot water


It's not just a US phenomenon. Politicians worldwide have a habit of being caught doing inappropriate things with their iPhone, iPad or Mac. We couldn't cover them all, so we chose five scandals and identified the apps used in the offending acts. Read below to find out which iOS or OS X apps have gotten some of our world leaders in hot water.

VIP Poker [iOS Universal; Free]

This is the game Senator John McCain was caught paying during a hearing on America's possible use of force against the Syrian government. His subsequent tweet defending his behavior has not helped his cause.

Rocket Bird [iPad; $2.99]

Roberto Menia, coordinator for Italy's Future and Freedom party, was caught playing a version of Rocket Bird in Parliament. Apparently, the politician sitting next to him was playing along, too.

Flick Kick football [iOS Universal; $0.99]

Well-known Italian politician and sports fanatic Sabatino Aracu was spotted playing Flick Kick football while keeping his Parliamentary seat warm.

Tweetdeck [OS X; Free]

Remember Anthony Wiener's notorious crotch shot DM fail that led to the Representative's resignation from Congress? Well, that now-deleted tweet was sent from a version of Tweetdeck.

Mobile Safari [iOS Universal; Free]

Note to politicians -- browsing the web on the iPad during an important meeting can cause lots of headaches, especially when inappropriate content starts gracing your screen. Just ask Italy's Silvio Berlusconi, Thailand's Pongpan Sunthornchai or Indonesian lawmaker Arifinto.

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