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Hard Candy has a sweet tooth for iPhone 5s and 5c


Yes, you read the headline correctly. Hard Candy Cases has beaten Apple to the punch by sending out a press release for cases for products that don't officially exist at this point. The company is jumping on the hopeful rumor bandwagon by pinging the tech press with word of these cases -- which (conveniently for the manufacturer) aren't available until October 2013.

The new HarvestCraft Slider for the iPhone 5s and 5c rings up the cash register at US$39.95. These colorful cases can be arrayed in three different combinations per harvest color. For the 5c -- if it even actually exists -- I'm wondering about the logic of hiding a supposedly colorful phone in another colorful case. And what about the alleged "champagne" iPhone 5s? Are you really going to want to cover that gorgeous light gold finish with a case?

In all fairness, it looks like many case manufacturers are jumping the gun. Just yesterday, we were given a link by an anonymous tipster who pointed out that Booq Bags had a page up touting the Complete Protection Kit for the iPhone 5C (note the capitalized "c"). The page is now down, but it showed a line of protective cases and screen protectors for the alleged colorful plastic iPhone. If an iPhone 5c or 5C or whatever the hell it's called is actually announced on Tuesday, you can use that bookmarked link to order a case for your new phone.

More "jumping the gun" accessories for other unannounced products will be coming soon!

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