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PSA: StreetPass relay points across the US aren't doing their jobs


Joystiq has received numerous reports that Nintendo's 3DS StreetPass relay points aren't functioning. The relay points are physical Nintendo Zone locations across the globe that temporarily store user data from passers-by like Miis and select profiles from games, then transfer that data to players that walk by in the future.

StreetPass relay points were introduced in a 3DS firmware update in August as a means of providing players with more chances to swap data for use in apps like the four new Mii Plaza games, which made $4 million in one month. Nintendo's support page notes that players must have firmware 6.2.0- 0U or higher on their systems in order to use the service, though some users claimed the latest 3DS firmware hasn't alleviated their woes. Others noted that some locations, such as McDonald's, only relayed data after logging in to free wi-fi services using the 3DS web browser.

We've reached out to Nintendo for more information, and will update as we learn more.

[Thanks, alittlebird!]

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