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Cross Plane puts a screen in a controller for PC, PS3, 360, Ouya


Advanced Gaming Innovations LLC began its Kickstarter campaign last week for the Cross Plane, a controller with a touch-less, seven-inch screen that functions as a main display for PC, 360, PS3 and Ouya users. The campaign is seeking $350,000 to begin production of the controllers, which backers can receive one of by contributing $350.

The Cross Plane will use a wireless HDMI transmitter to send data to "control paks," which can be swapped out from the back of the Cross Plane to make the hardware compatible with different platforms. While the project's Kickstarter page notes that the 360 control pak will be a one-trick pony, the PS3 control pak will also work for the PC and Ouya due to "compatible Bluetooth connectivity technology." Support for the Xbox One and PS4 is also planned "should the project be successful."

The Kickstarter page states that the prototype is capable of a 20 foot line-of-sight range, but Lead Designer Chris Downing clarified to Joystiq in an email that the range of the final product should be increased by rearranging internal hardware. "The remedy is simply a matter of relocating the receiver at which point I'm confident we'll be able to get back to the 60-plus foot range," Downing said.

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