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Watch Dogs' free mobile companion app detailed

A post to Ubisoft's Ubiblog yesterday shared details on how Watch Dogs' "ctOS Mobile" companion app for iOS and Android will play into a competitive multiplayer mode focused on "fast-paced challenges." As a refresher, ctOS is the software responsible for the surveillance of citizens in the game's virtual take on Chicago. Players will use the app to foil the general plans of an opponent playing the console version of the game.

Communications Associate Anne Lewis shared her experience with the app, describing a match focused on stopping her opponent from reaching four checkpoints within the allotted time. Lewis' efforts included hacking traffic lights and raising traffic poles to inspire crashes, as well as maneuvering a helicopter to reveal parts of the city that can be affected through the app. Killing the opponent doesn't end the match, but it does send them back to the start without returning any of the time lost in their previous attempt. Attracting attention to the player will also get the cops involved, so the more chaos the player using the app creates, the better their chance for victory is.

A statement in the same post from Technical Lead Frédéric Blais clarified that app users "don't need to own the console game" to play. Of course, app users will still need to find a console-based opponent to douse with unfortunate events and ultimately ruin the day of.

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