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Community Blog Topic: Would you play on an expansion specific server?


In a recent Queue, Drindaar asked about expansion specific servers. Adam Holisky answered that Blizzard said they're never going to do it, but he thinks they'll have to eventually.

I think at some point Blizzard is going to have to do this, even if it means limited support and no GMing, etc... Even now, do you know how many people would come back to play on a BC-only server? An absolute fracken ton would.
The next day, Matt Rossi said,
I don't think expansion locked servers would work or be a good idea at all...
I'm more with Matt on this topic. I just don't think it would work. There are too many questions to be answered, and depending on Blizzard's choices, they may end up not pleasing the very people who want these kinds of servers.

How would you handle classes? Would you take a snapshot of how they were designed in the last patch before the next expansion prep-patch? Or would you make the classes behave as they did at the beginning of the expansion? Or would you leave the classes as they are now?

Would you allow transfers to these servers or would you have to level a character from scratch? Would you leave in the experience bonuses put in toward the end of each expansion, or keep the leveling speed at how each expansion began?

For vanilla servers, would you leave in LFD or make everyone PUG? What about LFR? Would you implement it for the older servers or force those to be PUGged as well?

I thoroughly enjoyed playing in vanilla, but would not want to go back to mounts at 40 and very little gold in my pockets, among other things. What about you? Would you play on an expansion locked server? If so, which expansion would you pick? How would you answer the class and grouping questions above? What other logistical problems would you expect to have to be overcome?

Blog about your answer and leave the link in the comments below. Or, if you don't have a WoW-related blog, just post your response in the comments.

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