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General Chaos 2: Sons of Chaos marches to Kickstarter

Game Refuge CEO Brian Colin began leading the charge to fund General Chaos 2: Sons of Chaos on Kickstarter last week. Both Colin and the Game Refuge studio worked on the original General Chaos for the Sega Genesis. The page states that Sons of Chaos is "primarily a reinvention of the fast paced original," but will add mouse controls and 3D environments to enhance the experience. Game Refuge will prepare the troops for battle should the Kickstarter campaign's funding goal of $125,000 be met.

Sons of Chaos' controls will allow players to send single units around the terrain with a few clicks of the mouse. "Tactical terrain" options and squad formations will also stand as improvements over the original game, allowing players to navigate their forces with multi-point lines of guidance. Online multiplayer and LAN connectivity will also grant players their own "dynamic, scrolling 3D view of the battlefield."

Although the core game is limited to a PC version, Sons of Chaos' stretch goals include additional game mechanics, support for touchscreen tablets and ports to consoles, Mac and the iPad. The Kickstarter page notes that Game Refuge will do their best to "do everything on this list regardless of how much we raise," but reaching the financial goals for each feature is the only way to ensure they'll have the funding to do so.

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