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Captain's Log Supplemental: Remembering Star Trek Online video artist Mark Valentine


Massively tonight extends its deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and coworkers of Cryptic Studios developer Mark Valentine. Mark, also fondly referred to by his handle "h2orat," was a noted artist who was best known for his exceptionally crafted videos for Star Trek Online, especially the trailer that was used to announce the game's transition to the free-to-play format.

Before working on Star Trek Online, Mark also worked on the Champions Online team. Prior to his tenure with Cryptic, Mark also worked on Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 for Atari Europe S.A.S.U. as well as Star Trek: Away Team, Battlezone II: Combat Commander, Heavy Gear, Heavy Gear II, Battlezone, and Interstate '76 for Activision.

He was a respected STO player and Foundry author whose most recent mission, The Rising Phoenix – Part One, was chosen by his fellow players and the game's community managers to be highlighted as a featured mission.

Mark had been diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and had taken leave from Cryptic in order to receive treatment in Los Angeles, but even then, he never truly disconnected himself from the community. He frequently conversed with fellow Foundry authors and players in the Star Trek Online forums and usually found the energy to support those of us who were involved in the STO podcasts by participating in our live chat rooms.

On a more personal note, let me say that Mark was an incredibly sweet man and a great Trekkie, whose love for the franchise is certainly reflected in his favored art form. I will miss him greatly. Rest in peace, Mark, and may our starstuff meet again one day.

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