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Gaming For Good's Siege raises over $2M for Save the Children


Well-known PvPer Athene made his return to WoW this weekend with GamingForGood's The Siege. A plethora of top streamers did independent fundraisers, including Athene himself and his colleague Reese. Athene tells us in the video above that they had set a goal of $500,000, and were amazed to hit over $2M over the weekend. They extended the goal time and time again, and hit it.

There were several great events, but a huge highlight was the Throne of Thunder 25-man heroic raid race, which tens of thousands of viewers tuned in to watch live, along with several Blizzard Community Managers and Lead Encounter Designer Ion Hazzikostas. World First EU guild Method took on the US guild Midwinter in what turned out to be a pretty close race. Method led out strong, pulling an early lead on Midwinter, which they held solidly until a wipe on Dark Animus suddenly put their advantage at risk. Midwinter had a great chance to take the lead, but unfortunately also got grounded by the garrulous golems, and wiped.

More excitement followed as Method had a big early error on Ra-Den, allowing an orb to hit the boss, but somehow recovered to win by approximately 2 minutes. If you want to see what the world's best guild can do, you can check out the video here.

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