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How iPhone launches affect the price of Apple stock


With Apple's iPhone event about a day away, we can expect new iPhones to hit store shelves in just a few weeks. While a few rumors have pointed to a September 20 launch date, we'll have to wait until tomorrow to know for certain. Either way, an iPhone launch is steadily approaching.

That being the case, Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank recently issued a research note to clients tracking the performance of Apple shares in the wake of each iPhone launch. Whitmore found that shares of Apple increased following each iPhone launch, save for two. The two exceptions were the iPhone 3G -- which hit the market as the US was on the brink of an economic crisis -- and the iPhone 5.

Keep in mind that Apple's stock price is influenced by a large number of factors. Consequently, investors shouldn't take the above chart to mean that shares of Apple will undoubtedly increase over the next few months. Indeed, anyone who has tracked shares of Apple knows that the company's stock price is subject to wild fluctuations that often defy logical explanation.

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