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Infinite Crisis introduces Arcane Green Lantern in new video

MJ Guthrie

One thing you can count on with Infinite Crisis is the addition of new champions from alternate dimensions of the DC Multiverse. But the surprise always comes in exactly what hero is added to the ranks. Today, Turbine introduced the newest iteration of an energy-manipulating favorite: Arcane Green Lantern.

Arcane Green Lantern combines support and enforcer, offering shields, crowd-control, and boosts to teammates. Active skills include the AoE Emerald Lantern, Construct Champion Shackles, and Deny the Black; the champion's passive is Emerald Light. For more details on these skills, along with some tips and tricks on how to best play this hero, watch the video just after the cut. You can also get a gander at the mug of Arcane Green Lantern in a close up shot.

[Source: Turbine Press release]

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