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    Daily iPad App: Magical Weather delivers a load of weather info to your iPad

    Mel Martin

    Magical Weather (US$0.99) is an app for the iPad and iPad mini that is simple in operation, but packs a lot of information onto it's nicely rendered screens.

    The app starts up with thumbnails of up to nine selected locations. For each location, Magical Weather displays the temperature and sky conditions, shown with an icon and a very nice photorealistic background. From there, tap any location to view an animated weather graphic as well as current conditions, humidity, wind and UV index. You also get the change from yesterday, today's high and low, and the chance of precipitation. Slide those numbers over and you get an extensive 22 hour look ahead at predicted temperature, humidity and sky conditions.

    The app sits at a middle ground between apps that are weak in information and those that can be overwhelming with information you might not need.

    The app performed as expected. All the data and statistics are in white, though I would like to see some color in the app. I also thought local time should be displayed for each location, both on the thumbnail and detail screens. I'd also like for Magical Weather to display local sunset and sunrise times and the moon phase, because that information is useful for many people in making their outdoor plans.

    Other than that, Magical Weather is all that most people could want in a weather app. It's easy to set up any location you want weather info from, and the forecasts seem accurate and well in line with other forecast information. This is not the app for you if you need radar plots, satellite images or wind vector charts, but it delivers the most needed weather information simply and concisely. The clean design is an added bonus.

    Magical Weather is a 64 MB download, larger than the usual weather app because of the high quality animations. It requires iOS 5.1 or greater, and will run only on an iPad.

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