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Parallels responds to Slashdot user concerns over Desktop 9 installing Access without permission


Over the past few weeks, Parallels announced both Parallels Desktop 9 and Parallels Access. While the former is a new version of the venerable virtualization application, Access is a totally new product for Parallels, allowing the "appification" of desktop apps on an iPad. Several Slashdot users expressed concerns late last week about Parallels Desktop 9 installing the Parallels Access Mac desktop agent without the permission of the user. Today a Parallels spokesperson responded to TUAW with an acknowledgement of the concerns as well as word of an upcoming hot fix.

According to John Uppendahl of Parallels, "Parallels appreciates and listens to customer feedback. Parallels plans to release a hot fix update for Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac next week which will improve the registration process to give the customer a choice to install Parallels Access upon initial installation of Parallels Desktop 9. In the event that the customer doesn't want to install at that time, they can easily do so from within Parallels Desktop 9 from the Preferences menu where it will be displayed as an option."

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