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Trion offers up unique RIFT/Defiance crossover loot for new buyers


Trion Worlds has announced a curious new promo deal for folks who haven't yet picked up a copy of MMO-television hybrid Defiance. Purchasing a physical copy of Defiance now rewards gamers with unique loot in both it and Trion's other big online property, RIFT. Transmedia synergy, anyone?

For a limited time (how limited is not mentioned in the announcement), players who buy a standard or collector's edition boxed copy of Defiance for PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 will receive a Votan Fragger weapon transmog (in Defiance) and a Ghost Hellbug mount (in RIFT). Buyers will also get $5 in RIFT store credits.

It's an interesting strategy designed to pique the curiosity of current RIFT players, and it's not the first time Trion has sent Defiance's creatures into RIFT's fantasy world.

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