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WoW Moviewatch: Lore According to Arthas

Anne Stickney

As a lore columnist, I'm terribly familiar with the story of Arthas and the fall of Lordaeron. But hey, I've never heard the story from Arthas' side. So what's a bitter, mostly dead former Lich King to do? Slightly Impressive tackles the subject with the Lore According to Arthas, in which the former Lich King explains everything that happened to a befuddled gnome who hasn't played through the Wrath expansion.

Needless to say, Slightly Impressive did a fantastic job with his latest effort. The explanation of the final battles in Icecrown in particular had me cracking up. As usual, he hit all the right notes, and the visuals were spot-on. It's a little hard for me personally to hear Arthas say anything without picturing Myndflame's interpretation of the character, but Slightly Impressive nailed it, right down to the excessive reminder that everything he does is, yes, for Lordaeron. Take a look!

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