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Apple iPhone 4S now free on-contract in wake of iPhone 5c reveal

Zachary Lutz

Just yesterday, the venerable iPhone 4S sat as Apple's mid-tier smartphone, but now it's moving into a new role as the company's go-to option for budget seekers: an 8GB iPhone 4S is now free on-contract. The news follows this morning's introduction of the iPhone 5c ($99), which brings a dash of color to Apple's mid-range and replaces the iPhone 5. A similar discount is also in effect for the unlocked iPhone 4S, which now sells for $450 outright for the new 8GB model. Alongside the price drop, the continuation of the iPhone 4S brings a reprieve for Apple's legacy 30-pin dock connector, which is an important consideration for compatibility-minded folks. Naturally, you won't find all the latest goodies -- or even LTE -- in this 2-year old smartphone, but living behind the curve sure is easier on the wallet.

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