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Hands-on with Apple's new iPhone cases

Brad Molen

The iPhone 5s and 5c announcements were the big stories at today's Apple event, but let's not lose sight of the things that really matter -- like the iPhone's accompanying cases, of course. Jesting aside, both smartphones received a full lineup of colorful cases that not only add a degree of protection to the phones but also throw in another element of personalization that's become so prevalent in the mobile industry lately.

While the case designed for the 5s seems to be your standard leather enclosure (with five total hues offered), the design for Apple's iPhone 5c case is much more interesting. It's a mesh-style plastic that's a little less rigid than the 5s option (though still reasonably sturdy), but the more important part of the accessory is its back, which initially reminded us more of a game of Connect Four than an actual case. It involves a series of 35 circles arranged in a 7x5 grid. This design offers a two-toned color scheme, with the 5c body providing one hue and the case providing the other. As you can see, Apple's putting a very heavy emphasis on the importance of color, and the company is trying to back up its focus with some vibrant oomph. We played with a few different color combinations after today's event, so check out our gallery of images below to see what you think.

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