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Total War Rome 2 developers striving to catch critical bugs


Total War Rome 2 launched earlier this month and suffered a strategic blow when some players reported game-breaking bugs – and this was "totally unacceptable," Creative Director Mike Simpson said. In the Total War forums, Simpson outlined Creative Assembly's approach to fixing these issues, including the plan to release a patch a week until every bug is obliterated. One patch is already live.

Simpson said 2 percent of players reported technical issues and that was "too many."

"We just wanted to reassure you that we do know it's an extremely annoying and frustrating time for some of you at the moment and we are working around the clock to sort out those issues that you are having .... To these people we are really very sorry that you are having problems, we really want to get you enjoying our game, please do take the time to post your issue in the Support Forum if there isn't a fix for you available in there already," Simpson said.

Simpson urged players encountering problems to hit up the support forums.

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