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Breakfast Topic: Do you play with music on or off?

World of Warcraft has an incredible soundtrack that I occasionally listen to even when I'm not gaming -- and I especially enjoy live performances, like Video Games Live and the Video Game Music Choir above. However, when I am gaming, I often do so with the sound muted -- and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. Often when playing -- especially doing the same old dailies or leveling another character through a zone I've cleared a dozen times -- I'm multitasking with the television on to something more exciting than the same old thing. But I know this means I'm missing out on WoW's great music, but sometimes I'm just not that interested in the level of immersion a good soundtrack would provide.

So it usually surprises me when I somehow manage to unmute the music -- say, running a fresh install of the game -- and I'm reminded how great the game music actually is. But tell me, readers -- do you play with the music on or off?

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