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Jimmy Kimmel tells people iPad mini is the new iPhone

Ilene Hoffman

Jimmy Kimmel at a ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame by Angela George, under Wikimedia Commons license.

Jimmy Kimmel, a popular nighttime talk show host, often does a segment in which his team asks people on the street (Hollywood Boulevard) about various popular news stories or events. The responses he gets are often bizarre and make you wonder what rug people crawled out from under. In May, he asked various people, When is Cinco de Mayo? The responses were just bizarre, if not a great sample of amazing ignorance.

In the segment last night, his staff took an iPad mini and showed it to people as a sample of the new iPhone. Kimmel offered a couple of pithy comments in his introduction of Apple's new iPhones and the people on the street segment. He quips that "This is about as close as America gets to having a royal baby; Apple unveiling new iPhones."

"They have a new high-end iPhone called the iPhone 5s. The 's' stands for shut up and give us your money."

People on the street were told that the video crew had the new iPhone, gave them an iPad mini and asked what they thought of it. They were also told some bizarre things, such as the "click it and lick it" flavored feature or that the black color was in support of Nelson Mandela. Obviously, not one of the walkers owned an Apple device.

[via C|Net]

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