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Tales of Phantasia coming to iOS, Jupiter developing Tales of Bibliotheca


Namco Bandai's classic RPG Tales of Phantasia is coming to iOS platforms in Japan this fall, Siliconera reports.

Tales of Phantasia has seen several ports since its debut for the 16-bit Super Famicom in 1995. The upcoming mobile port is based on 2006's PSP version Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition and features a new touch-based control scheme, along with microtransactions that give players access to health-boosting items.

Namco Bandai additionally revealed that The World Ends with You developer Jupiter is developing Tales of Bibliotheca, an upcoming anthology release for iOS. Bibliotheca condenses the storylines of previous Tales games as a series of interactive narrative sequences and boss battles.

The first chapter of Bibliotheca, which focuses on Tales of Vesperia, will be available later this month as a free download in the iTunes App Store in Japan. Eleven additional chapters will be released as paid DLC in the months after the app's initial launch.

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