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Why Sue Doku dropped its price


Sue Doku (US$0.99) is a sudoku app for the iPad with a real difference -- it's beautiful and functional. When the developers created the sudoku app that looks like an advertisement for iOS 7 with its minimalist design, they decided to do away with the many in-app purchases that infest similar apps and priced Sue Doku at $1.99. Now they're dropping the price by a buck. Why?

According to the Sue Doku blog, it's quite simple -- the company wants more people to buy the app so they're using the time-honored method of lowering the barriers to entry. As Michael McWatters of the Sue Doku team put it, "Nonetheless, although user feedback has been incredibly positive, we want more people to experience Sue. That's why we're reducing the price from $1.99 to $0.99 effective immediately. At about one-third the price of a cup of coffee, we're convinced Sue is a great bargain for the iPad owner who really wants the best sudoku experience."

Sudoku fans who haven't experienced Sue Doku yet should pop on over to the App Store and take advantage of the new lower pricing -- it was worth the price at $2; now it's a steal for a buck.

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