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Can't go to BlizzCon? Virtual tickets now on sale.

Matthew Rossi

Yet again I find myself unable to attend BlizzCon. Deep sads. I work for WoW Insider and I've never gone to the con. But I have in the past availed myself of the Virtual Ticket, which means I can watch the various panels and events streamed live to my computer, and it's on sale again this year.

The virtual ticket FAQ answers a host of questions for those of us who can't go to the con, such as:

  • Does buying the virtual ticket get you whatever neat in-game stuff they're going to have at BlizzCon this year? Turns out the answer is yes, but they haven't announced what that will be yet.
  • If you want to watch the whole thing over again after BlizzCon, you absolutely can.
  • What languages will BlizzCon Virtual Ticket be available in? Just english. Sorry, non english speaking peoples.
So there you have it - head on over to the virtual ticket site if you're interested in ordering. Now if only I had a telepresence rig to go to the WoW Insider party.

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