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Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep launches on November 18th

Eliot Lefebvre

It's the news every Lord of the Rings Online player has been waiting on for what seems like a long while. Helm's Deep is launching on November 18th, bringing with it new regions to explore, an increase in the level cap to 95, and of course the eponymous battle itself. And there's even a new trailer to get players all pumped to wage war against a whole lot of orcs.

Now that the launch date is announced, Turbine is also willing to take your money for the expansion. The base edition costs $39.99 and includes a cosmetic chestpiece, a title, and 1000 Turbine points, while also providing a new mount and experience booster usable right now. The Premium edition costs $59.99 and offers everything in the base edition along with another title, a full suit of cosmetic armor, 10 extra quest log slots, another 1000 Turbine points (so 2000 total), and an item to add a Legacy to your weapon. Oh, and a special cloak to use right now. Click on past the break to see the trailer, and get ready for the siege starting in November.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release]

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