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Twitter gives verified users a mentions filter / velvet rope


Twitter is making it easier for the truly famous to chat with each other in public, now that it's added a couple of new filters for users with Verified accounts. While the general public continue to have their mentions open to one and all, verified users can see their @ stream either "Filtered" to take out likely spam or "Verified" to pick out tweets from other blue checkmarked accounts. While this should make it easier for the famous to spot messages from each other (we'll keep reading every tweet mentioning @Engadget -- we're for the people) among those begging for RTs, or just trolling, we hope that at least the filtered option pops up for everyone soon. We have enough offers for weight loss secrets to last us a lifetime as-is, now it's time to see if Facebook and Google+ change how they cater to the high-profile.

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