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A look at iPhone upgrade math


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With two new iPhone models launching, Macworld has put up a handy guide detailing all of the options available for folks looking to upgrade to either the iPhone 5c or 5s.

For a lot of folks, upgrading to a new device is no problem, assuming of course that they're at the end of their two-year phone contract. If you happen to be stuck in an existing phone contract, however, there's no reason to fret. There are still a few ways you can get the latest and greatest from Apple without breaking the bank.

Without question, buying an unsubsidized (read: full-price) iPhone can set you back a few hundred, but if you already own an iPhone, or any other smartphone for that matter, you might want to consider selling it for cash. You'd be surprised as to how much some websites like Gazelle are willing to pay for old devices. A 32 GB iPhone 4S on Sprint, for example, could net you $155. Even a broken 32 GB iPhone 4s can get you $55.

If you're tired of your current provider, Macworld reminds us that you can simply bite the bullet, pay an early termination fee and simply sign up for a new two-year contract with an entirely new carrier. Termination fees vary from carrier to carrier and are based on how many months remain on your current contract. That said, make sure to find out exactly how much your termination fee is before jumping ship.

The Macworld piece has some more info detailing ways you might be able to make an iPhone 5c or 5s upgrade a reality, so check it out to make sure you're ready come next Friday.

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