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iPhone 5c available for pre-order now; iPhone 5s ordering and sales details announced


It's Friday the 13th, and that can mean only one thing... it's time to pre-order your iPhone 5c!

The pre-order button is working on the Apple iPhone 5c page, meaning that you can pick your color, your carrier and all of the other details in preparation for delivery to your door next Friday, September 20.

MacRumors is reporting that iPhone 5c ship dates have already slipped to one to two weeks for customers in Hong Kong, with other countries showing delivery on September 20. However, if you have the hots for a bright yellow 5c, you'll have to wait a bit. It appears that at least one model -- the 16 GB Yellow (GSM) Unlocked iPhone 5c -- is showing a delay until September 25 for delivery.

Holding out for an iPhone 5s? You'll have to wait until 12:01 AM PDT / 3:01 AM EDT on September 20 to put in your order. Apple Stores will reportedly open at 8 AM local time on September 20 for those of you who wish to get your hands on that sleek gold iPhone first thing in the morning. While that means that we won't have to wait in line all day in front of an Apple Store to buy a 5s, it also sadly means that we'll be in lines all night...

[via BGR]

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