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Verizon Lumia 1520 variant leaked in China, teases 20MP PureView camera and Zeiss lens


An oversized smartphone with Zeiss optics and PureView camera technology? We wouldn't expect anything less from Nokia, but it's nice to see the rumors roll in, all the same. Noted Weibo leaker Houdabao has managed to get his hands on a large Lumia device with a PureView 20-megapixel camera, Zeiss optics and Verizon branding. The post describes the devices as a "big big Windows Phone," which sounds an awful lot like the rumored Lumia 1520. The speakers and camera flash are in slightly different locations than the leaked image we saw earlier this month, but we're willing to chalk that up to carrier variations. Nokia hasn't said anything official just yet, but rumors suggest that the device will be officially unveiled later this month.

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