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WRUP: Hunting Cards, BRB


This week's surprise breakout game has been Card Hunter, a free-to-play, browser-based (don't stop reading!) mash-up of board game HeroQuest and card game Dominion. The game has plenty of pedigree, and features a fun storyline, which has up-and-coming Game Master Gary dealing with his older brother Melvin, who knows better than anyone else how to play Card Hunter.

The game's servers are currently getting hammered, but put on your +2 cloak of optimism and you may get to try it out.

What's everyone playing?

  • Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski): I have a finance exam to study for, but all I want is some sweet Card Hunter. There is no time for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, but I wish there was.
  • Danny Cowan (@Sardoose): I'm playing through Elebits again. Man, what a great game.
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle): Hopefully I can become one with Saints Row 4 this weekend and finally finish the campaign. Outside of that, I plan on spending some more time with DOA 5: Ultimate and getting in the usual Sunday night round of Catan on XBLA.
  • Earnest Cavalli (@Ecavalli): All this talk of a new Riddick game has made me nostalgic for Assault on Dark Athena. Beyond that, I'll probably spend the weekend with Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt): I'll encounter some Foul Play this weekend, I'm sure.
  • Jordan Mallory (@Jordan_Mallory): This weekend I am flying to Japan in order to pick up the new Japan-only Girls' Generation single Galaxy Supernova, as well as their new ~Girls&Peace~ Japan 2nd Tour Blu-ray boxset. I'll also be attending the Tokyo Game Show, but this trip is mostly about Girls' Generation.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK): Diplomacy has failed yet again, so I'll have to knock some alien invaders out of the way in The Wonderful 101.
  • Mike Suszek (@MikeSuszek): When I'm not watching football (go Packers!), I'll be playing FIFA 14.
  • Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM): It's probably time for me to dip into Outlast. I've also got Spelunky on Vita keeping me company, and hopefully some Rayman 3 or Diablo 3 on Xbox with friends.
  • Sinan Kubba (@SinanKubba): I will continue digging the Crackdown vibe in Saints Row 4.
  • Sophie Prell (@SophieJKL): [...]
  • Steven Wong: I think I'm probably going to hone my alien hunting skills with The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.
  • Susan Arendt (@SusanArendt): I shall be looking for puppet heads, I suspect. I must find them all. For justice.
  • Thomas Schulenberg (@Lavapotamus): I'll wrap up the last battle of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and get back to exploring every last bloom-drenched island of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. 'Hoy, small fry!
  • Xav de Matos (@Xav): You'll find out on Monday morning what I've been playing for the last week.

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