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Around Azeroth: The perils of bite-size dinosaur ownership


"I feel terrible!" laments submitter Gurgii of Ascension on Whisperwind (US-A). "With the release of 5.4, I have had so much going on. I've done so many quests, so much running back and forth ... but as I was doing the grain-catching quest for the noodle carts, I realized that because of all this new content, I'd been neglecting Dinky, my pet Pygmy Direhorn. I hadn't spent any time with him since the patch hit. I looked into his little eyes and my heart broke. But I still needed to get so much done, I didn't have the time to play with him. So I got a brilliant idea! Maybe I could be a little goofy, perhaps that could cheer him up and buy me some more time. I decided to catch the next five sacks of grain with my mouth. I hoped the sight of this would make him feel better. He looked at me intently for a moment ... then just charged around in a little circle like he often does, apparently oblivious to me. At least I tried. Being a good caregiver to a Direhorn is hard work; they're too easily distracted."

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