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Apple releases first iPhone 5c commercial, "Plastic Perfected"


Apple on Monday night rolled out its first commercial for the upcoming iPhone 5c. Titled "Plastic Perfected", the commercial features colorful liquids transforming into iPhone 5c devices and ends with the tagline, "For the colorful."

For all you music buffs out there, the song featured in the commercial is "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells.

Now given that a) the iPhone is responsible for the bulk of Apple's quarterly revenue and b) that the 5c is an entirely new product, it stands to reason that we'll soon be seeing a huge marketing push for the iPhone 5c in the coming weeks.

That said, it will be particularly interesting to see how Apple's iPhone advertising efforts are split between the iPhone 5c and the flagship iPhone 5s.

On a final note, Apple's new iPhone 5c commercial couldn't help but remind me of a famous color-infused ad that the company released about 15 years ago.

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