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Digital Call of Duty: Ghosts also gets $10 upgrade to Xbox One


Microsoft and Activision have teamed up to offer a disc-less license for Call of Duty: Ghosts that works across Xbox consoles. If you plunk down $70 you'll get both Xbox 360 and Xbox One digital versions of the game, tied to your Gamertag. Alternatively,you'll be able to download the game through Xbox 360 for $60 and pay $10 to upgrade to the Xbox One version later, if you choose to do so before March 31, 2014.

The Season Pass for Call of Duty: Ghosts will also carry over from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, as previously announced, provided you make the move before May 31, 2014.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass includes four DLC packs and immediately grants access to one unique multiplayer head, weapon camouflage, weapon reticle, player patch, player card and player background.

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